021 | Agog About A-WOW

June 11, 2016


In 2016, the A-WOW World Summit returns to the U.S. Halima, being the fantastic giving professional she is, was a guest workshop presenter at the 2015 summit. She shared her experience with her "Write to Bear Alms" radio audience in August 2015 on Radio Azad.
This edition features Halima's inspirational commentary about how these dynamic young women seek to be catalysts of change in health, education, and legal justice. She talks about seeing the light bulbs go off in the participants about using collaboration, petitions, and social media to be world changers.

A-WOW Global Initiative is an organization committed to leadership development and enhancing cultural and socio-psychological change through interactions among diverse cultures in parts of Africa, Latin America, and the U.S.

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