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009 | Throwback: The Daughter Voice and the Dad Lance

009 | Throwback: The Daughter Voice and the Dad Lance

May 12, 2019

Here is a pair of throwback interviews to my radio days when I was a co-producer of and contributor to the award-winning show "Sunday Journal with Hal Clark". In 2010, I was introduced to hip hop artist and educator Voice whose discography includes "Black Maria" and "Voice Presents Cutz". Voice's single "Black Maria" features her mother Zardis 

Later, I had the pleasure of interviewing her dad, actor and acting instructor Lance E. Nichols. By far, this is one of the most entertaining interviews I have ever done thanks to Lance's energy and charm. Lance has appeared as Dr. Larry Williams in "Treme", as Gene Clancy in "House of Cards", and the Preacher in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons". Enjoy!

007 | All the Smoke: Fyre Fest and Narcissistic Leadership

007 | All the Smoke: Fyre Fest and Narcissistic Leadership

April 2, 2019

Social media was abuzz in early 2019 when two documentaries about the infamous Fyre Festival dropped on Netflix and Hulu. People could not believe how the event got so out of hand and how the festival's creator, Billy McFarland, seemed oblivious to the harm he caused several parties in the process. I believe the reason is McFarland's narcissism.

Using my professional experience and information I am gathering for my master's degree research, I lay out the signs of narcissistic leadership using the events surrounding Fyre Fest as portrayed in the documentaries. This isn't about McFarland so much as it is about helping people understand how working under narcissistic leaders can adversely affect one's identity and value. Trust me, I know. Not only do we look at warning signs in this episode but also ways people can protect themselves under narcissistic leadership. 


Click the image above for Dr. Ramani's web site. For her great TED talk on narcissism, click here.


Leader Narcissism and Outcomes in Organizations: A Review at Multiple Levels of Analysis and Implications for Future Research by Susanne Braun

The Narcissism Spectrum Model: A Synthetic View of Narcissistic Personality by Zlatan Krizan and Anne Herlache

How to Handle Narcissistic Abuse by Darlene Lancer

Narcissistic Leaders: The Incredible Pros, the Inevitable Cons by Michael Maccoby

8 Types of Narcissists -- Including One to Stay Away From at All Costs by Kristen Milstead

Narcissistic Leaders and Their Victims: Followers Low on Self-Esteem and Low on Core Self-Evaluations Suffer Most by Barbara Nevicka, Annebel De Hoogh, Deanne Den Hartog & Frank Belschak

The Narcissism Epidemic and What We Can Do About It by Joe Pierre


I made a reference to the Op Ed Project during my "to be sure." Please take time to find out more about this great organization.

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