For Our Edification
010 | College Isn’t for Everybody

010 | College Isn’t for Everybody

July 2, 2019

In so many conversations about college, someone inevitably offers up that "college isn't for everybody." There's no disputing that, but we decided to challenge that statement. On this episode for "For Our Edification," we don't challenge its truth so much as we challenge the frequency with which it is said. Specifically, we discuss why that statement does more harm to Black America than any other sector of society.

For this discussion, we lean on Halima's knowledge of education. Having earned her master's degree in Educational Sociology, Halima touches on the history of higher education which includes the complex history of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). From there, we do a deep dive discussion about what is left on the table by people quickly dismissing college as a viable option for success. Unapologetically, we tie higher education into a critical part of Black America's identity and value.

006 | Doctor Who? Identity and Value on Halima’s Doctoral Journey, Part 2

006 | Doctor Who? Identity and Value on Halima’s Doctoral Journey, Part 2

March 7, 2019

Halima and I continue to unpack her Ph.D. experience in part two of a conversation about how her identity and value were affected during her doctoral journey. Here, it gets even more interesting as we discuss the value of doctorates to greater society. Halima gives thoughts about how people who engage in doctoral studies shape important social issues. By the way, there are interesting segments where Halima gives her thoughts about how doctoral work had been adversely affected in Black America in the 1990's and cultural representation in scholarship.

Finally, Halima offers words of advice to anyone considering or just embarking on the doctoral journey. Pay close attention to her thoughts on maintaining a sense of mental wellness and wholeness on the quest for knowledge.

One more thing. You'll hear some odd noises at 12:55. Ignore it; we have no idea what was going on. *smiles*

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