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014 | Kamala’s Divine Shout Out

014 | Kamala’s Divine Shout Out

August 26, 2020

During her vice presidential nomination speech, Kamala Harris gave a shout out to the Divine Nine after mentioning her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Many of us were pretty excited that she took the time to do so. But why, on the biggest stage of her career and in a such a critical moment, would she do such a thing?

I know exactly why--identity and value. Alpha Kappa Alpha, like so many of our sororities and fraternities, probably helped her figure out who she is and how she influences those around her. Not only that, Divine Nine organizations are built on causes. Listen to me break it down on this episode.

Some Divine Resources:


012 | The Psychology of Hazing

012 | The Psychology of Hazing

October 5, 2019

Every September, holds National Hazing Prevention Week to create and share awareness about the dangers of hazing. An instrumental figure in tracking hazing deaths is Hank Nuwer. On the old Eddie Francis Podcast Show, we talked to professional mental health counselors Leslie Brown and Von Eaglin about the psychology of hazing, particularly in the Divine Nine. As a member of a Divine Nine fraternity--Alpha Phi Alpha--I thought it important to talk to a couple of counselors who speak our language, and both came through with great insight about what goes through the mind of potential hazers.


Leslie is no stranger to "For Our Edification". A member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., she appeared on episode 4, "The Mental Health Benefits of Giving". Leslie is a relational counselor with extensive experience working with military veterans, veterans' families, and women/families in substance abuse recovery. She is a doctoral candidate at Barry University where her research interests include the evolution of families, polyamory families, race/class/gender and cultural competency as well as indigenous, and traditional mental health healing modalities. Leslie earned her bachelor's degree from Hampton University in Mass Media Arts and her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Thomas University (Fla).


Von is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. who talks about positive psychology on One Life Radio. Von earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration and master's degree in Education at the University of North Texas. He has experience working with physically and sexually abused youth, couples, men’s issues, anger management, adolescents, depression, anxiety, and addictions. Von is currently a doctoral candidate at the North Texas where his research focuses on formulating a new approaches to couples therapy using men’s groups.

010 | College Isn’t for Everybody

010 | College Isn’t for Everybody

July 2, 2019

In so many conversations about college, someone inevitably offers up that "college isn't for everybody." There's no disputing that, but we decided to challenge that statement. On this episode for "For Our Edification," we don't challenge its truth so much as we challenge the frequency with which it is said. Specifically, we discuss why that statement does more harm to Black America than any other sector of society.

For this discussion, we lean on Halima's knowledge of education. Having earned her master's degree in Educational Sociology, Halima touches on the history of higher education which includes the complex history of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). From there, we do a deep dive discussion about what is left on the table by people quickly dismissing college as a viable option for success. Unapologetically, we tie higher education into a critical part of Black America's identity and value.

009 | Throwback: The Daughter Voice and the Dad Lance

009 | Throwback: The Daughter Voice and the Dad Lance

May 12, 2019

Here is a pair of throwback interviews to my radio days when I was a co-producer of and contributor to the award-winning show "Sunday Journal with Hal Clark". In 2010, I was introduced to hip hop artist and educator Voice whose discography includes "Black Maria" and "Voice Presents Cutz". Voice's single "Black Maria" features her mother Zardis 

Later, I had the pleasure of interviewing her dad, actor and acting instructor Lance E. Nichols. By far, this is one of the most entertaining interviews I have ever done thanks to Lance's energy and charm. Lance has appeared as Dr. Larry Williams in "Treme", as Gene Clancy in "House of Cards", and the Preacher in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons". Enjoy!

003 | Sports Infamy: When Athletes Mess Up

003 | Sports Infamy: When Athletes Mess Up

January 15, 2019

What's it like when a player makes a game-ending mistake? Of course, it's painful for us fans but it's obviously way more painful for the players.

David Grubb, a columnist for Crescent City Sports, has a very good idea of the real identity and value of the player who had a tough game. In this throwback interview (from the old Eddie Francis Podcast Show), David talked about the identity and value of athletes beyond the arena on the heels of a mistake that ended my New Orleans Saints' 2018 playoff run. The tables turned for the Saints, however, when a mistake kept their season alive in the 2019 playoffs. Who Dat!

David talked about what it's like the locker room for players after crushing defeats or big mistakes. He also talked a bit about student athletes and how athletes manage social issues. David not only provides great insight but he mixes in a couple of great stories--like that time he almost got pulverized by former NFL linebacker Greg Lloyd in the locker room.

002 | New Year, New Me? Ha!

002 | New Year, New Me? Ha!

January 7, 2019

As yet another new year rolls in, many of us are determined to be better versions of ourselves. A popular social media hashtag has been #NewYearNewMe with folks determined to make 2019 a better year than 2018.

The response? HATERATION!

But not everybody is letting the haters have their way. Take this tweet, for instance:

With so many eager to knock the "New Year, New Me" crowd off their pedestals, Halima and I talk about how the pushback just may affect those who are looking to reinvent themselves. Halima, who teaches sociology, offers thoughts about why she believes there have been such toxic responses to the "New Year, New Me" mantra. We also chat about people who present images of their "perfect" lives on social media and whether or not they're being real. Are they real???

As a bonus, Halima publicly reveals why she tapped out on "Game of Thrones".

Here's an interesting read that we referenced during the conversation:  "How Social Media Affects Our Self-Perception".

001 | Introducing For Our Edification featuring Write to Bear Alms

001 | Introducing For Our Edification featuring Write to Bear Alms

December 29, 2018

Welcome to For Our Edification!

This podcast is about identity and value--who we are and how we influence those around us. The foundation for the podcast's message is the practice of personal branding which was popularized by Tom Peters' 1997 essay "The Brand Called You". While we are not diving directly into the waters of personal branding, For Our Edification promises to deliver guests and commentaries designed to empower you to articulate your identity and value.

For Our Edification's co-pilot, Halima Leak Francis, is the host of the Write to Bear Alms segment which provides insights and information about how giving can build sustainable communities. Being the fundraising mastermind she is, Halima will also sprinkle some helpful fundraising tidbits along the way. Also, check out the Write to Bear Alms blog.

Want to learn more about me and Halima (or just Halima)? CLICK HERE.

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