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020 | Son of a Saint

020 | Son of a Saint

January 2, 2022

On January 1, 2022, the mentoring organization, Son of a Saint, celebrated its 11th anniversary. It came from the vision of Bivian “Sonny” Lee, III who wanted to help young men without fathers in their homes. Lee's vision resulted in one of New Orleans’ most respected nonprofit organizations.

On the old Eddie Francis Podcast Show a few years back, Halima and I had a chat with Sonny about Son of a Saint’s work and the road that he personally traveled to change the lives of the young men his team serves. What started as Sonny simply doing what he thought was right has grown into a fully functioning nonprofit with a diverse staff of case managers, finance people, mental health specialists, marketing professionals, etc. as well as a diverse class of mentees.

Want to see where Son of a Saint is headed? Enjoy this video.

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