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003 | Sports Infamy: When Athletes Mess Up

January 15, 2019

What's it like when a player makes a game-ending mistake? Of course, it's painful for us fans but it's obviously way more painful for the players.

David Grubb, a columnist for Crescent City Sports, has a very good idea of the real identity and value of the player who had a tough game. In this throwback interview (from the old Eddie Francis Podcast Show), David talked about the identity and value of athletes beyond the arena on the heels of a mistake that ended my New Orleans Saints' 2018 playoff run. The tables turned for the Saints, however, when a mistake kept their season alive in the 2019 playoffs. Who Dat!

David talked about what it's like the locker room for players after crushing defeats or big mistakes. He also talked a bit about student athletes and how athletes manage social issues. David not only provides great insight but he mixes in a couple of great stories--like that time he almost got pulverized by former NFL linebacker Greg Lloyd in the locker room.

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