029 | Back in the Day with David West and Soledad O’Brien

October 2, 2016

Two radio interviews from back in the day that I remember fondly are conversations I had with David West, then of the New Orleans Hornets, and Soledad O'Brien. Both are from my days as the co-producer and contributor to WYLD-FM's "Sunday Journal".

Photo courtesy of Zimbio.com

My interview with David was actually done in 2009 at the spur of the moment. I saw him roaming the radio station hallways on the weekend and overheard him talking about what student athletes need to do prepare for college. I just had to capture his thoughts for what was then my monthly education segment.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

In 2011, Soledad was in New Orleans for FestiGals and she was preparing to release her memoir "The Next Big Story: My Journey Through the Land of Possibilities". I really appreciate how she put up with my shenanigans during the interview.

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