For Our Edification


November 24, 2018

For Our Edification powers people.

The interviews, commentaries and features help build identity and value which is all about who we are and what we contribute to those around us. Call it cliche but For Our Edification is another piece in the big empowerment puzzle. And we're quite cool with that.

The Talent

Eddie Francis, For Our Edification Host

EDDIE FRANCIS | Yours truly, the host bringing interviews and commentaries seasoned with candor, humor, and brains (hopefully). Besides constantly obsessing about identity and value, I really get into personal branding and leadership.

Halima Leak Francis, For Our Edification Co-Host

HALIMA LEAK FRANCIS, Ph.D. | The sociology and philanthropy scholar and creator of the "Write to Bear Alms" segment which helps us understand how intentional giving helps build sustainable communities. And, yep, I'm proud to call her my wife.

Leslie Brown, For Our Edification Podcast Contributor

LESLIE BROWN | Our resident mental health expert who puts us in a mental oasis. Healthy brain, strong identity and value.

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